The Smartest $1200 You'll Ever Spend


Need a nudge to help you part with the money for CAMP? Let us give you a good, strong shove instead! ;) Bigger companies and great ad agencies are registering employees to be Campers like wildfire for a few reasons. Sure, they have more money so it's easier to let go of $1200. But mainly it's because they understand that in return for the $1200 spent, they will be getting that amount back plus more when the Camper comes back with new knowledge, new skills, new relationships and networks (which is truly priceless), plus he/she returns to work inspired, rejuvenated and healthy. Big businesses grow steadily in part because they dedicate funds for staff to use toward continuing education, leadership training, association membership fees, networking events, etc. Just because you may be small, doesn't mean you shouldn't be thinking big!

Here are some simple things to consider:

  • Your evolution depends on it! In order to take the next step, gain more customers, increase profits, hire epmloyees you can't stay where you are now. It's that simple.
  • Growth can only happen with new learning! Just because you work for yourself doesn't mean you can't dedicate funds toward continuing ed, personal growth, leadership/management training. You should be budgeting an amount each year for your growth and development, which in turn will raise your earnings!
  • We're talking $100 a month... Instead of thinking about dropping $1200, amortize it over one year because it's going to bring you value every month for the next 12 months (if not forever!). Whether you're a small business or freelancer, you can't afford to not spend $100 a month. 
  • Networks trump advertising any day! Networking and creating relationships has been proven to have a high return-rate for little-to-no investment. We think the $1200 is worth every penny just to meet like-minded people and create new relationships at CAMP. People who will tell others about you and/or your products!
  • Don't work harder, work smarter! As an entrepreneur you probably work all the time, literally. Whether at home, at an office, at cafes... You juggle multiple things and wear many hats. We understand because we're in the same boat! However with so much going on in your head, when can you dedicate quality time to focus on strengthening the business and your personal growth and skills? When was the last time you dedicated four full days to work - not "working" but to improving your business?
  • Let go of any fear or hesitation... The biggest mistake you can make is to be afraid of making one. Decide to register, put the cost on a credit card if you have to (one that gives you points or air miles, hehe!) and get ready for an amazing experience.
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