The CAMP Experience

Every May, we bring together 200 creative thought leaders and innovators for four phone and email-free days in the California mountains. CAMP is a carefully curated business conference designed to inspire, grow success, encourage collaboration and create community. We turn a group of 200 strangers into lifelong friends and colleagues. 



Who Comes
to CAMP?

The key to CAMP's incredibly successful track record is the diversity in people who attend. Entrepreneurs and creatives from around the globe come to CAMP to share ideas, learn new skills and tools, and meet like-minded people. Whether a VP at a global corporation, a freelance web designer, a small business owner, or an entire team from a company, everyone who attends is in it together. They're willing to let go of being in control and go device-free for four days because they believe that continuing education and community will grow their success. It doesn't matter what you do or where you are at in your career, quite simply everyone who attends is awesome.  

NIKE west digital director

"This weekend was EVERYTHING. My heart is so full from meeting so many incredible people, hearing stories, and getting to know myself in a whole new way. I almost didn’t come because I felt too important and couldn’t be away from my phone... After this weekend, I have a newfound respect and joy on how to approach my day-to-day. Thank you!"

casey caplowe
founder of good 

"CAMP was a really wonderful refresher. I met lots of amazing people whom I'm still in touch with-some I've even since collaborated with professionally and others I'm also friends with. But above all else, it was ultimately a beautiful reminder of the importance and value of play, and taking the time to do totally new things just for the fun and experience of it."

shaka senghor
new york times bestselling author 

"I walked into CAMP with an open mind, and left with my heart and spirit filled with excitement, inspiration, and love. CAMP surpassed all expectations and I highly recommend this one of a kind experience." 


gretchen jones
winner of project runway

"Camp challenged me in the best of ways, opened my heart to new perspectives and made me stronger both inside and outside. I'm not only grateful for the experience of teaching and sharing my story and perspective, but feel lucky to have learned from so many other special people. My biggest takeaway was that we are all, regardless of our unique paths, striving to lead richer, more rewarding lives. Such a great reminder!"




Development & Learning






Big Bear, California


CAMP is located in the beautiful Sierra Mountains at an actual summer camp. Instead of being trapped inside a maze of badly-lit, uninspiring hotel conference rooms, you will be learning, playing and relaxing surrounded by nature! Start your day with yoga in a beautiful field, take a hike in the woods, enjoy happy hour while watching the sunset, get inspired by a keynote speaker underneath the stars...