Workshop: THE MIND LAB EXPERIENCE: Hack Your Mind To Create A Trajectory For Success

Tyler Mongan is an Innovation Strategist and co-creator of the Mind Lab Experience. He was the founder of Hawaii’s first sustainable living publication, HonuGuide and co-founder of Nella Media Group, an award winning print media company. In 2012 he was recruited to join Smart Sustainability Consulting as Director of Operations for energy conservation education programs that identified over $8 Million in no cost savings for the Hawaii State DOE and DoD. 

Tyler is the author of “Ho’olokahi” and co-author of “Anatomy of Integrity.” He is a published biochemist and attending graduate studies in Medical Ethics, Naturopathic Medicine and Taoist Acupuncture.  In his free time He enjoys picking the banjo, teaching Ashtanga yoga, practicing, Bagua martial arts, and surfing the windy breaks of Diamondhead in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Aside from catalyzing individuals and organizations towards meaningful results with Sacred Strategy, Tyler is a Ph.D. candidate in Natural Medicine at Quantum University with research focused on individual and organizational Coherence, actionable Innovation, and strategic Futuring.  

You can find out more about Tyler here: 
Professional Experience on linkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/monganism)
Personal Page: www.tylermongan.com