Workshop: Secrets of Social Media & Internet Marketing

Teressa Foglia is prominent freelancer in the southern California area helping many established business build and sustain a presence online. She specializes in online strategy, content management, utilizing and integrating social media channels, social media and internet audience profiling, transmedia marketing through storytelling, new media tools and technology, blogging for business, mastering social media for the business professional, engaging your community and creating an effective social media campaign. 

In addition to Teressa’s expertise in social media and marketing, she also possesses a strong passion in the creative arts. An avid fan of fashion, photography and music, her work is never just measured in numbers. She takes great pride in the presentation and general aesthetic in her work. Reinforcing that “visual image is just important as content, if not more so”.

Her career has taken her to many different avenues including fashion styling, art directing and producing. She has worked with CFDA designer’s Carolina Herrera, Rebecca Minkoff, Shane Baum, couture designer Lorena Sarbu, streetwear legend XLarge®, and more of her favorite brands including Oats Cashmere, Leisure Society, Lululemon, Graced by Grit, Blisss Magazine, Coast Magazine, and Angeleno Magazine, Refinery29, Layer Cake Wines, If You See Kay Wines, John Wayne Enterprises and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

For more information please visit: www.linkedin.com/in/teressafoglia

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