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Jihan Zencirli, owner and founder of Geronimo, creates balloons that are a variety all their own. These oversized darlings come in vibrant hues adorned with all sorts of fancy trimmings. Jihan’s balloons are visual masterpieces intended to make lasting impressions on their recipients. It’s impossible not to be dazzled.

Established in 2011, Geronimo Balloons, has turned into a successful, trend-setting décor atelier that has had the privilege of dressing some of the most illustrious parties and homes in Los Angeles and beyond. Jihan’s distinct style combined with her affinity for social media has attracted thousands of followers and supporters. Many of these fans had little interest in parties or balloons until they discovered Jihan and became instantly intrigued by her singular aesthetic and exceptional branding.
This balloon trooper extraordinaire inspires joy and determination in everyone she meets. Her work has been featured in countless lifestyle and fashion catalogues, websites, magazines and DIY Pinterest enthusiasts continue to emulate Jihan’s unique flair.

She also happens to be the love child of David Bowie and Martha Stewart.

Twitter: @geronimoballoon

Instagram: @geronimoballoons

Website: http://www.geronimoballoons.com/