You! Leaders.  Entrepreneurs.  Creatives.  

You're already doing great things and know where you want to go, but you can't do it all yourself... Let CAMP help get you there! Join us in a beautiful outdoor environment and take your business and your ideas to the next level.  At CAMP you will open yourself to new ideas, take hands-on workshops and classes, unplug from technology, learn new leadership skills and become part of a network of peers. Stay ahead of the curve and learn to grow your business by staying innovative, continually educating yourself, exposing yourself to diversity, getting outside of the box, and heck, roasting a few marshmallows fireside.

We believe that true innovation, education and collaboration happen when a diverse group of people come together and share a common experience. Camper’s all have one thing in common: they are all entrepreneurs who at the end of the day rely on themselves.  They share the same spirit and drive and also the same hurdles. CAMP is where entrepreneurs gather to Cultivate Ambition & Map Possibilities. Invest in your business by investing in yourself!


What is CAMP?

CAMP is a 4-day creative conference that strategically curates workshops and experiences in three areas to stimulate both the mind and body.  There are small business workshopscreative art classes and outdoor challenges - all designed to help entrepreneurs thrive by stimulating both sides of the brain. Registered Campers will choose the classes and workshops best suited for them from a long list of offerings such as Finding & Working with InvestorsProduct Photography that SellsSearch Engine Optimization, Finding Your Voice/Telling Your Story, and How to be a Great Boss

Just like at summer camp, each day Campers attend scheduled classes and then have 'free time' when they can try their hand at archery, go for a horseback ride, lounge by the pool, nap under the shade of a huge pine tree, and loads more. Every evening there is a Cocktail Hour on the beautiful veranda, where Campers will enjoy the creations of mixologists and mingle. The night-time programing for CAMP is extraordinary: the first night there will be a giant Bonfire with an inspirational Keynote Speaker and story-telling with some very special guests; the second night we will be screening a classic and campy movie; and on the last night there will be a giant bash... A theme party that is not to be missed! 

CAMP is the new school, for the new school of entrepreneurs!



There are so many reasons to come to CAMP we're not sure where to start! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Grow your business! While you may be an expert in your field, educating yourself in multiple fields can help you and your company grow. Learn about new technologies, hear what's coming from trend forecasters, gain hands-on skills such as Photoshop or how to make a mean cocktail.  
  • Invest in yourself!  Innovation cannot take place without growth and a company is as healthy as its leader. Make sure to take time for yourself, which in turn helps your company.
  • Unplug and Recharge! Take a well-deserved and much-needed break from tweeting, re-pinning, Instagraming, etc. Except when needed (for instance during workshops), CAMP is technology free. That's right, your cell phone gets a fancy storage locker all to itself, where it can get some much-needed R 'n R too!
  • Score some amazing free stuff... Did we mention the cool perks that come with being a Camper? Take a peek
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs!  Surrounding yourself with creative, successful, curious, like-minded people is crucial for any business. Having a strong community of peers and friends can help more then most think - in fact, the article below from the most recent Forbes Magazine says creating a circle of like-minded entrepreneurs is the #1 step to being happier!


Where is CAMP? Do we sleep in tents?

CAMP is held at a beautiful, historical YMCA Camp in Big Bear, California, approximately  2 hours from Los Angeles.  Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains on 120-forested acres, this remote location is perfect for cultivating creativity and giving participants a chance to unplug and reconnect! Campers sleep in bunk beds within modern lodges complete with heat and A/C. Don't worry, each lodge is equipped with a private shower and bathroom - and there's no need to lug around a giant toiletries bag, CAMP will provide all the amenities such as soap and shampoo!


When is CAMP?

Check our registration page for the next available CAMP ( http://theuniquecamp.com/register-now )


How much is CAMP and what is included in the cost?

CAMP is $1400 and is ALL-INCLUSIVE! That's right, everything is included in the cost so there are no hidden fees such as workshop materials or hotel accommodation. CAMP includes round-trip transportation to and from Big Bear (from LA), all lodging, all meals and drinks, all workshops and lectures, all outdoor activities, all special networking events, all evening programming (from night hiking to a campy movie screening, a fireside keynote speaker to the big blow out party on the last night.  It also includes a bunch of cool things like soap and shampoo, an exclusive printed CAMP yearbook (sent to you afterwards).  Previous CAMPers have been outfitted with Poler Backpacks, Stanley Thermoses, Chronicle Books, a limited edition branded blanket, notebooks, and much more - but we'd like to keep most of it a surprise for Campers. Register now!


Yay, I registered for CAMP! When do I sign-up for workshops?

First, thank you for registering for CAMP, you're in for an amazing experience! Once registered you will be hearing from CAMP a lot - both through email and snail mail. In late April we will be emailing you a registration form, complete with workshop and speaker details, so that we can create your CAMP Schedule. Exciting! 


I can only attend for half of the time, is this possible?

Unfortunately that is not possible. The event is strategically designed and curated - the CAMP community begins when we board the bus in Los Angeles on MAY 19th, and it ends when the bus drops everyone off on MAY 22nd. 


I would like to be a volunteer, do you need help?

We currently have all the staff and volunteers we need. However, if we need volunteers we will announce it in our newsletter. Sign up here.


Who are the keynote speakers and workshop leaders?

We have hand-selected talent from across the country to be at CAMP! Check the Workshops page and the Speakers page to get the details.


If I am flying into Los Angeles, when should I arrive and depart?  How do I get to and from the Airport?

If you are flying into LA you should arrive Wednesday night, MAY 18th.  The CAMP bus will depart from a designated spot at 8am on MAY 19th, and return you to LA Sunday afternoon, MAY 22nd between 4-5pm.  Email the CAMP director if you are flying in from out of town and we can help you plan your trip.  


If I live in Los Angeles or am driving from nearby, where should I meet up with the group and where do I park my car?

There is a designated and secure parking location where everyone meets up to board the CAMP busses.   All registered participants will be sent specific directions and information prior to the event.  


Is there a way to contact other participants to coordinate a carpool to the meeting point?

The best way to coordinate a carpool is by posting a question to the CAMP community on our Facebook page


I registered but now I can’t go... What is the refund policy?

Refunds are available until APRIL 8th. After that participants are responsible for selling their spot. 


Can I bring my spouse, significant other, pet, if they are not participating in the conference?

Unfortunately, only registered participants are allowed.  Sorry, we love pets but they are also not allowed.


Do we sleep in tents?  What are the sleeping arrangements?

Campers sleep in bunk beds within modern lodges complete with heat if needed. Don't worry, each lodge is equipped with a private shower and bathroom - and there's no need to lug around a giant toiletries bag, CAMP will provide all the amenities such as soap and shampoo!  Rooms within each lodge are also separated by gender.  


Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

No, all beds will be completely outfitted with a pillow, sheets and a blanket.  Campers just need to follow the packing list to know what to bring, which will be sent out a few weeks prior to the start of CAMP.  


What is the deal with cellphones?!?!

At CAMP we unplug from tech, plain and simple.  On the first day your CAMP counselor collects your cellphone and we lock them up in a safe place until we depart on the last day.  Don't worry, you will ALWAYS be able to be contacted.  We send out an emergency contact flyer for you to give to your family, friends, co-workers, anyone who may need to get ahold of you while you are at CAMP.  There is a 24 hour CAMP host who will answer the main line and will notify you if you have a call.  If you are feeling anxious about this, you are not alone, we all feel addicted to our digital devices these days, but don't worry, everything will be OK!  


But I use my phone for my alarm clock and for my camera!!!

At CAMP we outfit each room with an alarm clock, and your CAMP counselor will make sure everyone is up and ready on time.  As for cameras, we encourage you to bring a digital, film or Polaroid camera, and we also have a full photography and video team at CAMP to capture everything.  Photos are uploaded to the web and ready for you to access as soon as we depart on Sunday.  Smilebooth is also on site and available to use 24 hours a day.  By the end we have more photos than we know what to do with and you'll be able to see them all.