Whether you own your own business, are an artist or work for a corporation, the workshops at CAMP are incredibly diverse to allow each person to curate their own customized experience. We believe everyone needs new lessons and inspiration to grow success and innovate. Aside from our professional development workshops we also require Campers to take creative arts classes and participate in outdoor activities, to truly stimulate and wake both the mind and body! #nextlevel

Media & PR

eing able to tell your story in a smart, fun and eloquent way is a powerful tool.  Media workshops address topics ranging from creative branding to social media strategy to finding your voice.

Growing your Business

Lets face the facts, even businesses at the top of their game continually invest in self improvement.  Workshops cover topics ranging from time management to wholesale and buying to producing great business collateral.  

Legal & Accounting

One of the best things about being a community of entrepreneurs is that we have so much we can share with each other.  Legal and accounting workshops allow you to ask those valuable questions pertaining to licensing, patents, bookkeeping, etc.  Stuff we all want to know!

tech & web


Maximize the visual media that represent you,  your products and your ideas.  Tech and Web workshops cover topics such as look books and media kits, print production, search engine optimization and photoshop just to name a few.  

Creative Arts


Rebalance your mind!  One of the most relaxing ways to stimulate new thinking is through creative hands-on activities.  Various creative art workshops experiment with pinhole cameras, stencil art, tie dye and mixology.  


What effect will tip-toeing across a high ropes course have on you as an entrepreneur?  Come to CAMP and find out!  During free time campers can wander between archery, swimming, basketball, horseback riding, frisbee golf, human foosball, and night hikes.

Social Media

Maximize your social reach and find out how to strategically utilize the best media platforms for you and or your brand.  Come to CAMP, learn the tricks of the trade, and grow your followers over night.  

Video & Photography

Take hands-on video and photography courses from creative professionals in the industry.  Weather it is testing out new equipment, or simply learning how to use what you have better, you'll leave CAMP with the technical skills to produce awesome, game-changing content.   

Inspirational Talks

We all need to shake things up every once in a while.  Workshop leaders at CAMP will offer a new perspective and inspire you to dream big.  

Leadership & Management

There are those who are born natural leaders and there are those who become them.  Learn valuable management skills and invest in yourself to take on greater challenges.

Moderated Panels

Hear from industry leaders during moderated discussions on topics that will speak to the creative person in all of us. Participate in interactive Q & A sessions and connect with your peers on ideas that shape the world.  

R & R

Balance yourself out and enjoy being in the big outdoors.  Wake up to fresh mountain air and go to bed under the bright stars.  Rest and relaxation is major part of our philosophy also.  Take some time for yourself at CAMP.