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Example: How to be a DIY PR Pro. (Feel free to enter a few different working titles)
Example: "Is it really possible to get major press coverage without spending thousands of dollars or giving away free product? Of course it is! Whether you're just starting out on your own or work for a large company, knowledge is power. Understanding how to contact, communicate with and pitch the media is an invaluable skill that everyone should have. This workshop will break down how to get media attention whether for a product, service or for yourself! Find out how to approach the right people, what information you need to give them, how to pitch editors, how to find your voice, and lots more. PR shouldn't be intimidating and doesn't have to be a secret anymore..."
Example: "You will learn all about DIY public relations, complete writing exercises and leave class with a finished press release and two email pitches ready to send to editors! ( 1 ) Save money by doing your own PR. (2) Do's & Don'ts. (3) Learn to write pitches to editors. (4) How to know who exactly to pitch. (5) Write your own press releases. (6) Learn what editors need. (7) See what type of photography secures press. (8) How to think outside of the box without being weird. (9) Maintaining relationships & the importance of staying in touch."
The deal with WiFi *
There are no WiFi capabilities at CAMP. Please make sure your presentation is downloaded onto your computer and onto a USB drive as a backup. Also please make sure your online website reference points or examples that you are featuring in your presentation are captured as screen grabs.
There are several ways you can present at CAMP, indoors with the classic rowed seating and projector, outdoors in a circle under the trees, tables on the back deck, underwater in the swimming pool, etc. Think about what would be the best way for participants to receive your content.
Example: "Students will write, edit and complete writing exercises so that they leave class with a finished press release and two pitch emails. They will also go through magazines to find the right contacts."
We would like for every workshop leader to have some sort of printed material, booklet or handout to give to their participants that echos or adds to the information you are delivering in your workshop. We have found that it is super valuable for participants to have a few reference points to build on after CAMP ends.