Tristan pollock

As the busy co-founder of the cool new tech startup Storefront, Tristan came to CAMP to reconnect with others and with nature offline. And he did exactly that! "My main reason for coming here was to do more with my hands and get back to nature... I'm on my computer 15-16 hours a day, so having a chance to get back to nature while also talking with people and networking is great."

Not only did he whittle himself a duck, as seen below, but he was a socializing rockstar! CAMP helped him network and form new relationships with people from around the country and less then a year later we are proud to say that this CAMP alum was just named in the prestigious 30 Under 30 list of entrepreneurs in Forbes Magazine! Congrats Tristan, you rock!!!!!

Jennifer Puno & Eva Goicochea

"CAMP provided an environment where my business could evolve and steep. Going into the process, I was excited to share me and my co-founder/husband Daniel's startup idea, but I didn't realize that the relationships I built and feedback I got by being there would then affect my business trajectory. What started as a food-focused bookmarking website eventually turned into a visual mapping platform: MAP. I teamed up with Eva Goicochea, another camper, and we created a honed-in vision, knocked out the branding, and then beta launched. Since then, she and I work together closely and I'd definitely say that because of CAMP, we're more than just buddies who tromped through the woods together—we're successful collaborators."

Jennifer Puno, Founder - Map; ilovecreatives

Eva Goicochea, Digital Media + Brand Strategist; ilovecreatives



Ed Roth aka Stencil1

"Well, since CAMP, I became open to new avenues of business. I released a line of stencils with Plaid, allowing me access to a wider audience, and I also went outside of the stencil world, and released a line of rubber stamps with Hampton Art.  In addition, I partnered with to release a series of How to videos as my goal is to do more video and TV work.  From the workshop on raising VC money, I have taken that information and am still working on new relationships with potential investors.  A great benefit of camp was socializing. We all become ambassadors of each others brands and become a little less fearless."



Alissa Walker & Laure Joliet

Journalist Alissa Walker and photographer Laure Joliet were already very successful before coming to CAMP in 2013. In fact, they were both at CAMP as workshop leaders and speakers. However throughout the four days the theme of community had a powerful affect on them and opened their eyes - they talked and brainstormed at CAMP and realized that they could secure more jobs and new clients by working together! Instead of pitching their individual services, pairing up and offering complete stories and photographs would be easy and fast for editors to look at. The pair now contributes regularly as a team to places such as The New York Times!