Speakers & Teachers

At CAMP we bring together an elite, diverse group of experts from around the country to teach and inspire. Our workshop leaders are stars in their fields, they have been on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, they tour the country speaking at conferences from SXSW to HOW Design Live and more. What makes CAMP truly unique and innovative is that unlike other conferences, our speakers don't come teach and then peace-out, they agree to be campers as well. So they're around all four days to talk one-on-one, stargaze with you and learn new things themselves.
This is what makes us different. This is what makes CAMP next-level.

Mike Del Ponte, SOMA Water

Rodney Pizarro, David&Goliath

Paco De Leon, Hell Yeah Group 

Kristen Pumphrey, PF Candle Co

George Karalexis, mouvement

Cristina Mundy, LinkedIn

Emily Duval, Psychotherapist

Gina Rosales, X Company (formerly Google X)

Michael Kass, ACC Coach

Peter Castagnetti & Barret Bowman Oh For Show

Lauren Naylor, Photographer

Shaun Evaristo, The Movement Lifestyle

Scott Boms, Facebook's Analog Lab

Lindsay Zuelich, Master Woodbrain

Teresa Barcelo, Artistic Director / Choreographer

Madelin Woods, Facebook's Analog Lab

Alison Becker, Actress (Parks and Rec, VH1)