Workshop: Can I Kick It? Movement for Creatives: Unlocking Your Body to Unlock Your Mind

A dancer, choreographer and community builder, Shaun Evaristo is a leader of the new generation. Passionate about culture, contribution, and empowering people, he paves the way for the future wave of dancers. Focusing on quality and experience, it bleeds into his dance, business and choreography. Shaun is mostly known for creating the company Movement Lifestyle, an urban dance brand located in the heart of the Noho Arts District. A community based and globally connected urban dance brand, they focus on being a platform for dancers and create opportunities for their community to grow. Currently their studio facilities are flooded with people coming from all over the world, holds many of dance Industries finest and even is a home for new movers wanting to explore movement.

Shaun’s background in dance before creating Movement Lifestyle has been a journey of working throughout the Dance Industry and Community. From choreographing on some of America’s top TV show’s such as So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol to developing some of Europe’s and Asia’s top pop artists like Big Bang and 2NE1. Sometimes he’ll put on his dancing shoes and even do a little back up dancing. From Omarion to William, all the way to jumping on a world tour with Justin Bieber. Outside of industry work, teaching will always be a passion for him. Traveling and instructing since he was 18 years of age, he continues to spread his artistry in some of the most prestigious dance camps and workshops for the global dance community. He most recently has collaborated with the United States consulate to speak to aspiring dancers on an international basis and is expanding his work with the government to continue to spread the knowledge and passion of dance.

Shaun continues to build his company and strives consistently to provide for the dance community. Pushing the boundaries and knocking down doors, he is an example of the american entrepreneurial spirit. Motivated, creative, hands on and hard working are all attributes of he possesses and is part of the reason why he is so successful in dance today. Learning and growing constantly, who know’s what the future holds for him.

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