Personal Brand Plan - A Strategy for Being YOU

For Rachel Mae Furman, the love of detailing her life in photos began back before the digital age. Obsessed with nostalgia yet unable to ever keep a good journal habit, Rachel thought it would be fun to take one photo per day with her film camera to remember her everyday adventures. Way before social media, she loved the feeling of anticipation dropping the film off at the drug store and remembering what she did in photos. 

Around this time, Rachel began a marketing and PR company with bars and restaurants as clients. Bored with the idea of traditional ads or press releases, she started her own website called Rachel's Guide, a where to go and what to do in the city. Paid on retainer by her clients, she created what they called a "manipulatable template website" on a new thing called Wordpress. Rachel got paid to go out and take photos, then post them on her website in fun stories. She coined this term "Reality Marketing."

Soon after, this word called "Blog" started floating around, and Friendster got overshadowed by a new app called MySpace, and Facebook thereafter (though that was only what the college kids used.) Once everyone and their mother started posting every detail of their life and their dinner, the whole "template website" things wasn't quite as dazzling anymore. 

So, bored with everything, Rachel did the only thing that made sense... she sold all of her furniture, bought a 1973 Airstream camper, traded in her Jetta for a Ford F150 and traveled around the country solo for a few months. (Because duh.) That love of freedom and adventure has never stopped, and Rachel attempts to live her life in California as a never-ending road trip. 

After over a decade of building brands in between (or during) travel adventures, Rachel considers herself a Brand Stylist, building a brand look and lifestyle through through stories, photos and experiences. However her real job is a "Leisure Expert," as she spends most of her time and effort making pleasure into business and business into pleasure. With her blog, Smoke & Honey, Rachel is on a constant quest in #ThePursuitOfLeisure and believes that leisure is a necessity, not a luxury. 

Rachel has been to every single Unique CAMP since the beginning and can't wait to meet this year's CAMPers!

Leisure Expert @ www.SmokeAndHoney.com

Brand Stylist @ www.RachelMaeCreative.com