After a truly amazing five years I’ve decided that this May’s conference will be the last CAMP. While it was a heart-breaking decision for me to make, it's the best and some great things are in the future. This May's conference will mark the end of a special, important era -- but remember, that with every ending there is also a beginning... 

CAMP was born from a vision I had and from pure passion and grit, and it was the passion and love from everyone over the years (staff and production crew, counselors, teachers, campers, performers) that made it the beautiful thing that it is. But the reality is that me and my team (as mighty as we are) are tiny and CAMP is a beast. There are really exciting opportunities and things coming in the future that I need to focus on, and that I hope you will be excited about too. I’m honored that you have been part of my journey and vice versa, and I feel really good reflecting on the growth, friendships, child-like wonder and fun that we’ve had over the past five years.

I really hope that past campers will join us for this last session (we are going out with a bang, I assure you) and I hope that if you have never been to CAMP you will consider coming knowing that this is your last chance... I've included a few incredibly sweet messages sent to me this week from previous campers - they mean everything to me, thank you thank you thank you.

  • "I'm so grateful to have been a part of CAMP back in 2014 and although I was unable to attend the following years it's an experience that has and continue to stay with me forever. I seriously talk about it at least once a week! It's unexplainable and beautiful. Thank you so so much for dreaming up something so wonderful and letting us be a part of that." Mariel
  • "Thank you for bringing CAMP into existence to forge, not only unforgettable memories, but also fostering fantastic creative and business connections. My time at CAMP over 2 sessions was a highlight of all the conferences I've attended of behalf of MailChimp." Ariana
  • "I went to the very first one and it had an amazing impact on my life. I quit my job, learned new skills, then decided to travel the world as a digital nomad. I've really enjoyed following the successes of my fellow CAMPers and I wanted to thank you for helping me connect with so many other creatives and for laying the groundwork for me to find the courage to leave the traditional path I was on, find my true passion, and lead a happier life." Danita

Thank you to everyone for the amazing feels the past few days - I love you all. I'm not finished, just need to move on from CAMP and begin the next adventure... WE are stronger than ME and I’m so thankful you ventured into my world. And just remember, with every ending there is a new beginning... xoxo sonja (You can always connect with me on Instagram, Linked In, etc.)

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