Top 10 Reasons to Attend CAMP

  1. Get Off Your Fucking Phone!
    You won't truly understand how crucial to your well-being this is until you're up at CAMP, sans cell phone. But trust us when we say our reliance on being "plugged in" is having a serious negative impact on society and us as individuals (higher rates of anxiety, a false sense of importance, selective communication, etc.). Free your mind in ways you can't even truly comprehend until you've gone four days without your phone. You've got this. 

  2. Create Powerful New Relationships
    Our four-day experience is curated and planned specifically to create connection and engagement with others, so you're bonding with strangers within a few minutes, exchanging ideas for the future with bunk-mates and discovering people to collaborate with while eating lunch. Essentially it's authentic networking, you know without the weird, forced, dirty feeling! Because your new network is based on friendship, shared experience and not on how many Instagram followers a person has. The valuable connections live on past CAMP (which is more than we can say about most business-card exchanging opportunities that tend to result in nothing).
  3. Get Out of your Day-to-Day Routine
    Free yourself from your norm! In order to innovate, come up with new ideas and simply brainstorm around your current work versus your future goals, you have to get away from your day-to-day environment. Seriously. Sitting at your desk five days a week is not going to bring you the inspiration, excitement and chutzpah you need to do big things this year! #yesyoucan
  4. Disconnect to Reconnect
    By not having any devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) for four days you will notice a big difference, both physically and emotionally. Our device-free conference breeds amazing social interaction, good old-fashioned conversation, and even helps your neck and body (no more walking while tilting your head down to look at a screen!). Reconnecting with nature and other human beings is crucial for your happiness and well-being. You won't realize how much until you're roaming around CAMP looking up at the blue sky or the stars...
  5. Be Adventurous! (AKA Get Outside Your Comfort Zone)
    If Instagram posts are any indication, we know everyone loves the idea of being adventurous, free and wild. While that may be in our spirit and souls, the reality is that's not our day-to-day lives. We ALL (yes, even you) have created lives that are comfortable because it's, well, comfortable. There's nothing wrong with that. Life should feel good, however we rarely face discomfort and that is an issue. Being exposed to fears, things that make us anxious and situations that make us nervous actually builds character and it forces us to use dormant skills and is what helps us grow! So yeah, you're going to be placed in a cabin with strangers. You'll get food in the Dining Hall and standing there with tray-in-hand you'll probably worry about where to sit. Get over it and be adventurous!      
  6. Let Go of Being in Control
    We are all control freaks nowadays. We look down at an incoming call and, based on who is calling, decide whether or not to answer it. Instead of listening to an entire album, we curate the songs we love into a mix and just listen to those. The amount that we control everything in our lives is staggering. At CAMP you won't always know the schedule and what we have planned for you. We don't release the workshops to you until March, long after you've already committed to attending. The comfort of having your own bedroom at night isn't an option. Let go and release control and what you stand to gain is worth so much more...
  7. Mind-Blowing Inspiration and Energy
    When was the last time you stood surrounded by 200 strangers-turned-friends (each one you bond with, are inspired by and just 'get') and smiled ear-to-ear while looking up at the stars? Enough said.
  8. Get Jiggy with It
    At CAMP we get weird. We want you to get weird. We want you to allow yourself to be a kid again - truly allow yourself to be crazy, goofy, weird, nuts. Remember that feeling as a child when you could sing along in a group and not feel insecure or stupid? Becoming an adult sucks because too often we lose that feeling of exuberance and playfulness. THAT feeling is what drives us. It's what you will return with and use to slay.  
  9. Dream Big
    Come to CAMP and let us help you refocus your attention onto YOU. By attending CAMP you're going to give back to yourself for four days. Four days to think about life, goals, dreams, whatever you want to think about. It's YOU time. It's time to let yourself dream big.
  10. Meet Your Future ________________
    While we haven't had anyone meet at CAMP and get married (yet...), so many amazing connections and partnerships have happened, it makes us smile and gives us motivation every day! Companies have formed between people who met at CAMP (like I Love Creatives), brands have formed collaborations (like Patrick Janelle and KitchenAid), campers have worked together (writer Alissa Walker and photographer Laure Joliet for the NYTimes), and companies like Blue Bottle have found new employees!
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