During the Unique Staff Retreat to Palm Springs, we did several team building exercises. One exercise that stood out was making collages! Each person made a collage showing how they saw themselves in the past, present and future. It was a really eye-opening challenge! Everyone got the same materials to work from - a large white canvas, 5 - 6 magazines, scissors and a glue stick.  After everyone was finished with the collage, each person explained to the group what the images meant to them. It really helped us learn about each person from their own perspective, peer into their vision of the future and also express themselves creatively. It was fascinating to see how out of the same material, everyone came up with a completely different, unique interpretation. 

Take a look at the 


This would be a fun exercise for the workplace. If you're looking for something a simple, meaningful way to connect with your team we definitely recommend making unique collages!

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