Meet Your New BFF...

Think of all those times you have been at a conference, sitting in an awful banquet room where you are one of hundreds. If you're lucky, you may be able to meet a few of the people sitting by you... Don't expect this at CAMP. Unlike regular conferences where the emphasis is on going to and from the sessions and then escaping to your hotel room, the environment at CAMP is truly a breeding ground for not just socialization, but genuine connections. 

We don't just offer award-winning speakers and workshop leaders, at CAMP we create fun, insightful team-building activities designed to help you venture out of your comfort zone - these interactions bond. And without being able to escape to your own hotel room or start playing/working on your phone, you are forced to be social in an impactful way. There is something about being sequestered in the mountains free from technology and out of your comfort zone that really adds to genuine interactions.

It is more than just networking, it's bonding.

Look at last years testimonials and success stories to see some of the cool things that have come from meeting new friends at CAMP.

Just imagine the connections you could make simply by being in the woods, sleeping in bunks and being around the same group of people for four days... You'll meet new friends, gain handfuls of new brands ambassadors, and even potential husbands/wives! We're serious.

Unique Camp