Curated to Perfection

What do jumping in the swimming pool, hearing about Global Design Trends and sleeping in bunk beds have in common? They are all part of CAMP! Every activity you'll join in, starting with boarding the bus up to Big Bear together, has been carefully curated and created by Sonja to match her vision. You will let go of control (and your phone) and play. You will take workshops and hands-on craft classes to expand your mind. You will enjoy the sunset in the fresh air while you sip cocktails and meet others every evening. And you will most definitely dance your a** off, yes, even you wallflowers! Everything you experience at CAMP will inspire.

    Rediscover your sense of wonder and imagination.
    Reignite the fire in you!
    Connect with like-minded people from around the world.

Quite simply put, your curated experience at CAMP will blow your mind. Register today!

Unique Camp