What will you do without a cell phone?!

Four days without a cell phone, are you crazy? Yep, maybe we are... Crazy-awesome!

We have curated every experience to help you grow, connect, unplug, learn, laugh and much more. Which is why we take what we do seriously - to have a real impact, a true four days where you are not in control and can't look at your phone when bored/alone/nervous. It's true that at CAMP we take all cell phones and lock them away. We want you to be PRESENT, ENGAGED, ENRICHED, and not having a phone is very much part of that. At CAMP you purposely take time to disconnect and turn off 'productivity' mode. You can let your mind wander and allow yourself the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in creativity.

So what will you do without a cell phone for four days? THRIVE.

See you at CAMP!

Unique Camp