CAMPfire Root Beer Recipe

You may be way ahead of the curve but here at CAMP HQ we didn't know about the whole "portable mason jar cocktail craze" until last week. WHOA, life-changing...

Now that we are addicted to the idea of being able to transport any drink in a mason jar (iced coffee, juice, wine, cocktails), we thought it would be fun to give y'all a CAMP cocktail recipe. So we asked our pals at Art in the Age to give us a delicious cocktail recipe that is CAMP themed... We love what they came up with! Make this delicious drink, put it in mason jars and take to a picnic, a campfire, a movie. Whatever you can come up with. Enjoy!

CAMPfire Root Beer Recipe
1.5oz Art in the Age ROOT
.25oz Maple Syrup (Simple Syrup made from half Maple Syrup, half water)
Top with Ginger Beer
* Make in a mason jar to easily carry in your back pack

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