Want S'more?!


Last year's opening bonfire was hot-hot-hot thanks to our guest speakers, writer Alissa Walker and co-founder of GOOD Casey Caplowe, and our friends at Hudson Whiskey. Campers hiked to the gathering spot with nothing but the light from the stars above. When they arrived there was Hudson Whiskey and all the fixings to make s'mores by the fire (this is when the delicious discovery of whiskey-soaked marshmallows was made). The crowd then took their drinks and settled into the amphitheater-style log seating, with cozy lap-blankets, to listen to our Opening Campfire talks.

Alissa and Casey told inspirational and funny tales about entrepreneurship and "taking the leap" while the flames grew bright beside them. Alissa shared her story of breaking away from the job that she had always thought she wanted, into the unknown world of freelance writing. And Casey enlightened Campers with his story of starting a magazine in a living room, to becoming a media company with over 75 employees. The honest stories really hit home and helped to open peoples eyes to the fact that there is never a good time to start a new job or start your own business or even have kids - you just have to take the leap and never look back.

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