We love catching up with campers and finding out not only how they've grown since CAMP, but how they've stayed in touch with people they met. TA-DA, have we got an awesome Success Story for you! OG campers, Eva Goicochea and Jennifer Puno, met at the very first CAMP two years ago. Since then they have been fast and furious friends but they recently combined their talents to start a great new venture called, ilovecreatives

It connects creative job-seekers with creative jobs, events and services. "We want to help proactive creatives find positive collaborators to grow their business, speak to an engaged audience to attend their events, or find someone to work side-by-side with while downing cortados, dammit."

To put it in their own words, it's like "Craigslist for creatives but delivered to you via email," and we think it's pretty rad. This is just the first of many Success Stories that have grown from CAMP!

above:  some of the Creatives. 

above: some of the Creatives. 

above: sample of the beautifully designed newsletter.

above: sample of the beautifully designed newsletter.

They also have other features including a shop section, forum, spaces available for rent (photo shoots, pop-ups, etc.) and more! 

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