After having to miss most of CAMP last year due to that lovely thing called "work" Marguerite is delighted to be back this year heading up what is sure to be a cabin of the biggest badasses that CAMP has yet to experience. (May the counselor known as "Red", please note that he has been put on notice. Notice of a Fun Challenge.) Until Sonja created this wonderful adventure, Marguerite had really only ever been to camp in the movies, as she is an actress- and is thankful to now feel more like a real person by having attended all three years.  Highlights include making it through the ropes course (with the help of her bunk mates) all the workshops, the Future Dance, Smilebooth overload and stenciling with Ed.  This year she will also be teaching a workshop with her husband, Christopher Redman, on public speaking, so if you have ever wanted to love it more than you do, make sure to sign up and we will help you get your groove on.  People who come to camp are true blue. Marguerite looks forward to this infusion of inspiration all year.  That... and Marley's sombrero.  P.s. Please wave at her while at CAMP-she will be 7 1/2 moths pregnant.

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