marco antonio

Born & bred as a Los Angeles native, he embodies the aura of the city, leaving his creative stamp on anything that comes his way. A corporate designer by day, Yoga instructor at night, & a b-boy + martial artist by nature, all day, everyday, always.

Marco has taught Yoga to countless students in a variety of creative forums, from Lululemon to the Unique Space, to soulfully curated experiences at The Container Yard to getting his students upside down in AcroYoga at Touchstone Climbing gyms.

After attending CAMP in 2015, Marco was inspired to share his love of Yoga & create Salamat Yoga which aims to advocate global positivity as a gateway to influence new demographics through the perspective of yoga. 

Marco is part of the BOYS OF YOGA project, a crew of international yogis helping to spread the message to make yoga more accessible for guys and get them on the mat, while smashing the cultural misconceptions of guys who do Yoga.

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Instagram: @mad_mvnm // @boysofyoga