2015 CAMP Counselor

With an ear keen for nuance, Kat Witt’s forte is harnessing a mix of individual achievement, organizational cohesion and improvisation that transforms leaders and develops dynamic teams.  It is only fitting that this native of New Orleans – the cradle of jazz – excels at facilitating the talents of the virtuosos’ and backup players essential to any business organization.  With 20 years of hospitality business operations to her credit, including key partnerships with Sean MacPherson and Hard Rock Café, Los Angeles-based Kat Witt created Aktepus Coaching & Collaboration to mentor upper-management and improve talent retention for her clients.  Witt’s approach is to build on existing assets, develop communication styles, introduce efficiency, planning and delegation techniques, and promote balance to benefit the business and the individual.  Her secret?  “Ask.  Observe.  Listen.  Give people the space to reveal their motivation.  And then align goals with what is already working.”