Workshop: How to Turn Your Creative Idea Into A Global Operation

Freya Estreller likes bringing cool, niche products to the masses. She is Co-Founder of Coolhaus, an architecturally-themed and gourmet dessert company made famous by its ice cream sandwiches, which are now sold in over 4,000+ stores across the US. Coolhaus also employs over 70 people in CA, NY, and TX with their 10 artisanal ice cream trucks and 2 brick and mortars. She is also CEO and Founder of Ludlows Cocktail Co., a start-up focused on crafting fun, innovative, and all-natural spirited products. The company’s first product line, pre-packaged craft cocktail Jelly Shots, is now sold in 6 states and in stores like Total Wine & More, Whole Foods, and Walmart in 2016. She was born and raised in Los Angeles (Atwater Village represent!) and has a BA in Sociology with a minor in Business from Cornell University. She is active in youth mentorship via the 9 Dots After School Program, entrepreneur mentorship, and advising and angel investing in start-up consumer brands.

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