elsie goodwin


Elsie Goodwin is a Fiber Artist who specializes in Hand-Dyed Macrame. She has a background in the fashion industry, where she worked as a buyer for 15 years. She was born in Texas, raised in Southern California, and has been fascinated with fashion, especially textiles, since she was a little girl. 

She has worked with her hands for the last 15 years; first crochet, then knitting, then weaving, then Macrame. She appreciates the therapeutic aspect of it all, she thinks it's so simple, sometimes monotonous, but also complex at the same time. 

She loves empowering others, encouraging the Fiber Art community, teaching at Macrame Parties, Team Building events, and Workshops, as well connecting and talking all things craft. Her train of thought is, keep no secrets in crafting, share the knowledge, enjoy teaching others what you know and help them find their own voice.  She appreciates family, fashion, fitness, food, health, wellness, pop culture and adventuring in the streets of Los Angeles.

A few fun facts, she has run the Los Angeles Marathon 3 times, one in a complete downpour, she has been skydiving twice, she can chug a beer really fast, like really, really, fast, she believes in "6 Degrees of Separation" and "The Power of the Secret", she married her longtime friend whom she thinks is the Fashion/Pop Culture King and together they have two adorable little girls. 

Website: Reformfibers.com

Instagram: @elsiegood