Workshop: The Art of Perfume Making: Bring the Scent of CAMP Home

Danielle has been making her own bath and body products since the 4th Grade, after she received a make-your-own-perfume kit for Christmas. She continued to learn how to create other products, like salt scrubs and bar soaps, as she followed a career as a costume designer for film, TV and stage.  

Working in the industry helped fuel Danielle’s love of travel, which took her across Europe and Africa, following a path that didn’t always have a destination.  From studying Greek Mythology through Children’s Folktales and Puppetry in Bulgaria, to diving with sharks in South Africa to breaking a Guinness World Record in Sweden to creating an art program for an orphanage in Kenya, she explored her world, and all the while reveled in the scents and natural ingredients she saw used along the way.

Ultimately, she returned to her home of Los Angeles to pursue her passion full-time in 2012, launching Eco Apothecary, which allows customers to choose their own scent as they create a variety of organic bath and body products. She has given workshops at Soho House, West Elm, and William Sonoma, designed scents for American Apparel,  and created scent recipes for many companies she is not allowed to mention……

The adventure continues for Danielle as she continues to expand and evolve the Eco Apothecary vision, but in the end what matters most to her is that people leave with a unique product that is healthy, all natural and, most importantly, makes them happy …

Danielle is a veteran of Unique CAMP, as an attendee and counselor, and she's excited to share her love of scents with CAMPers.