Workshop: Public Speaking 101 : Tools, Tips and Techniques to find your voice and use your fear

Chris and Marguerite are professional actors with a combined experience of over 50 years performing on stage, and in film and TV.  That works out to thousands of hours of auditioning, i.e. presenting their work to strangers.  Together they formed Speechpie, a public speaking coaching and consulting service, to help people both inside and out of the entertainment industry speak more confidently in public about their work and themselves.  Both Chris and Marguerite are super passionate about sharing their experience and techniques and love empowering others to shine their brightest.  Whether it's speeches, presentations, developing tours for companies, or helping someone network better at a party, they have worked with clients in various fields, including NGO's, Non-profits, CEO's, producers, directors, and corporate.  Public Speaking + The Right Ingredients = Delicious.

Christopher grew up in Toronto but has made Los Angeles home for the past 10 years. As an actor he has been able to travel the world working alongside many of his childhood (and adult) heroes. Some credits include 88 Minutes opposite Al Pacino, K19 The Widowmaker, CSI Miami, Greys Anatomy and many more. He is also the producer and creator of the life long documentary series The Decades Project which tripled its crowdfunding goal in 48 hours and will head to Borneo for chapter two in 2022. He has an honors diploma from Trinity College at Cambridge in Speech and Drama.

Twitter @iChrisRedman

Instgram @Redcrumbs