Workshop: Don't Quit Your Day Job: Finding Career Happiness Without Going Solo

“Very bright student, but talks to classmates too much.”  – Nearly every teacher Baily’s ever had...

Baily Hancock is many things, but tall is not one of them. She hails from Florida, where she spent her youth being over-involved in extracurriculars and dreaming of finding a way to get paid to make friends and do cool sh*t.

Fast forward to today, and she’s doing exactly that. Baily now leads all Partnership efforts as the "Startup Whisperer" (unofficial title) at Ignition Factory, the innovations group at OMD (aka the largest media agency in the world.) Her job is to reach out to new and innovative startup companies and find ways to help them collaborate with OMD's huge brands (think Warner Bros, Hilton, Pepsi, and more) on cool marketing campaigns that have never been done before. So, she literally gets paid to make friends and do cool sh*t. Believe in your dreams, kids! 

Prior to joining OMD, Baily led Marketing Partnership efforts for General Assembly’s various campuses (LA plus San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and DC at any given point in time between 2014 - 2015), where she was responsible for growing the GA community through partnerships with both local and global companies. In her first year, Baily helped to grow the GA LA email list from less than 20,000 subscribers to over 80,000, with much of that success being attributed to building strategic relationships with well-aligned partners in the community. 

In addition to her day job, Baily also teaches workshops to help people understand how to utilize partnerships to grow their communities and expand their businesses (keep an eye out for one coming up near you.) Oh, and in 2016 she's decided to write a book. Baily hates free time. 

When she’s not schmoozing with the movers and shakers of Silicon Beach or educating the masses on how to rub elbows and make deals, Baily can be found volunteering in the community with theSanta Monica Jaycees, where she serves as the 2016 President. If you still can’t find her (she’s small, look down) check the local karaoke stages and photo booths. 

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