Workshop: Fine Art Coloring Book Time: Your Creativity is Powerful. Don't Overthink It. 

Los Angeles based Artist Anne-Louise Ewen is a lifelong painter and creator of the recently launched 25 Beautiful Things, A Fine Art Coloring Book for Adults. She leads transformative and experiential creativity workshops that empower and delight.  
A Faulknerian childhood in the Deep South strengthened her resolve to bring art into existence early in life, to make tangible the goodness and beauty that are sometimes hard to see. She deepened her understanding of painting through living, learning, and creating in Paris, New York, and New Orleans, moving to Los Angeles ten years ago as a Hurricane Katrina refugee. 
Anne-Louise encourages more personal love of art and less intimidating respect for it, and created 25 Beautiful Things to share what she loves about the experience of making art with the hope that it will inspire people to be rebelliously creative, joyful, peaceful, and confident. 

Follow her on Instagram: @25BeautifulThings and @ewen_paintings
Learn more at 25BeautifulThings.com and EwenFineArt.com